Invokana Complications

Invokana Complications

Today, two years after the drug became available in the United States, we know Invokana causes serious side effects. Numerous experts have publicly questioned whether Invokana promises benefits that justify its risks; Dr. David M. Nathan of Harvard Medical School says Invokana is "not substantially better" and is "in some ways worse" than the older, less expensive, generic drugs. In any case, there are alternatives to Invokana that have helped diabetics regulate their blood glucose levels for decades that are not as riddled with serious side effects.

Common Invokana side effects include ketoacidosis, kidney failure, and bone fracture; some patients have also suffered from heart attack, stroke, and a host of minor conditions. Neither patients nor doctors knew of these risks when Invokana was prescribed. Only through the experiences of patients have we learned about Invokana risks.

What is Invokana?

Invokana is a pharmaceutical drug which is prescribed to Type II diabetics to regulate blood glucose levels. The generic name for Invokana is canagliflozin, and it is in the drug class known as SGLT2 inhibitor (sodium-glucose co-transporter-2). The name refers to the drug's method of reducing glucose in the blood by allowing glucose to be released through the urine stream.

While the drug is moderately effective at reducing the body's blood glucose levels, impairing the normal operation of the kidney poses other risks. No doubt a result of high budget marketing campaigns, Invokana has become a highly popular drug for glucose control, with projected annual sales of $468 million for 2016.

Invokana Risks and Dangers

The Institute on Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) examines adverse event reporting for new drugs. Arguably one of the riskiest drugs introduced on the U.S. market in recent years, Invokana was the subject of more reports for serious adverse events than 92% of the new drugs under assessment.

In May 2015, a Quarterwatch report from the ISMP questioned whether Invokana should even be in use: "The unanswered question about canagliflozin (Invokana) is whether it has clinical benefits and whether those benefits outweigh its risks." The benefits of Invokana are considered moderate when compared with alternative glucose regulators. While researchers debate the benefits versus the risks of Invokana, countless Americans have already suffered from serious Invokana side effects.

Invokana Kidney Problems

Research and post-market adverse event reports have led experts to conclude that by allowing glucose to be released through the urine stream, Invokana us causing damage to the kidneys. While some Invokana kidney damage is detected before it reaches a serious problem, other patients have reportedly suffered from kidney failure as a result of using Invokana. When the kidneys cease to function properly, the patient is no longer able to properly filter waste products from the blood. The result is a buildup of waste materials in the blood, causing a dangerous chemical imbalance. If not treated rapidly, kidney failure can be fatal.

Invokana Ketoacidosis

Invokana has also been found to cause ketoacidosis, a blood acid imbalance. Naturally-produced insulin typically balances the acid levels in the bloodstream. However, in Type 2 diabetics, insulin is not naturally produced. Without insulin, the body breaks down fats in the blood instead of sugars, which produces an abundance of ketones. Too many ketones in the blood lead to a toxic chemical imbalance called ketoacidosis. If left untreated, this Invokana ketoacidosis can be fatal.

Invokana Heart Attack and Stroke

FDA regulators were concerned about the safety of Invokana from the outset, requiring Janssen to conduct five postmarket studies to detect potential Invokana side effects. One of these studies concerned the cardiovascular risks associated with Invokana. While the FDA has not yet issued a warning on Invokana heart attack or stroke dangers, cardiovascular problems have been documented in some patients.

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FDA Invokana Warnings

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