Essure Complications


Essure Problems

Essure System Causes Pain, Bleeding, and Internal Injuries

Essure, a medical device which offers permanent female sterilization, has been found to result in serious side effects including chronic pain, heavy or abnormal bleeding, perforation and damage to the uterus and fallopian tubes, ectopic pregnancy, and allergic or hypersensitivity reactions. The flexible metal coil system is implanted permanently into the fallopian tubes; it prevents pregnancy when tissues grow to surround it.  When Essure problems arise, some women are forced to undergo surgery to remove the device.

Essure was first approved by the FDA for use by American women in 2002. In 2013, after thousands of Essure problems reports were filed, a FDA Essure black box warning was finally added to the medical device enclosure. Today, Essure is under ongoing FDA surveillance but the device is still in use in the United States. During 2017, Bayer pulled Essure from the market in every country except the United States, after a barrage of Essure warnings and bans were issued in Brazil, the E.U., and Canada. Critics say Essure complications could have been detected much sooner had the device been subject to thorough pre-market testing. Meanwhile, Essure brought in more than $47 billion in sales during 2014 alone.

If you or a loved one has suffered from Essure complications including pain, bleeding, allergic reaction, device migration, or pregnancy, you may be eligible to receive compensation through filing an Essure lawsuit. These Essure attorneys provide free, no-obligation case reviews to persons and family members who match this description. Our Essure complications lawyers have a strong track record of success in their work representing clients harmed by multinational pharmaceutical companies. Should you choose to retain our Essure lawyers, there is never any fee unless we win compensation on your behalf.

Essure Complications

Essure is a medical device which offers permanent birth control to women, or female sterilization. Many women favor the device over other sterilization methods because it does not involve hormone therapy or major surgery. Implanted by a physician or gynecologist during a short office visit, using Essure requires a relatively simple procedure compared to hysterectomy.

However, the estimated 750,000 American women who were implanted with the device without knowledge of Essure risks and problems may now regret their choice. Adverse event reporting to the FDA includes the prevalence of multiple Essure complications including irregular bleeding, chronic and persistent pain, migration of the device from its initial implantation site, perforation of internal tissues, hypersensitivity and allergic reactions, and ectopic or unintended pregnancy. Many women filing Essure complications lawsuits say they would not have chosen the device had they been warned of these risks.

Essure Problems

Made of nickel titanium alloy and a polyester-like fiber known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), Essure is a set of small, flexible coils which are implanted through the vagina into the fallopian tubes. Over the course of three months, tissues grow from the walls of the tubes to fill in around the coils, thus blocking sperm from reaching the ovaries. Some Essure problems are traced to the materials, while others are linked to movement of the device over time.

Essure complications that arise when the device migrates or moves, perforating internal tissues, result in persistent pain and irregular bleeding. Unwanted or ectopic pregnancy and allergic or hypersensitivity reactions are also reported Essure problems. The implantation of Essure is considered permanent, meaning the device is not designed for removal. In fact, the effectiveness of the device relies on body tissues growing around the metal and synthetic system.  When Essure complications surface, some women are forced to undergo one or more invasive surgical procedures to remove it.

Essure Safety Testing

Critics say that Essure did not undergo adequate pre-market testing, giving consumers leeway to take legal action against the device maker. Typically, safety testing for a new device involves tracking test patients for years to document both short-term and long-term side effects. Initial safety testing for Essure complications only followed patients for 1-2 years following implantation; critics say a long-term study would have detected Essure problems much sooner.

Some Essure problems only develop years after the device is implanted, resulting from gradual shifting or migrating within the body. Had long-term Essure risk testing been conducted, a more comprehensive understanding of Essure problems would have been obtained and patients considering the device could have made informed decisions as the whether the benefits of this particular form of permanent birth control - the ease of insertion and lack of hormone treatment - seemed worth the risks.

Essure Warnings

The medical device company Conceptus developed Essure in the early 2000s. Bayer HealthCare, which currently markets Essure, has been aware of the risks associated with Essure since it acquired Conceptus in 2013. At that time, fine print on the product label was updated to include a warning about Essure side effects. However, no warning or press release was issued to the public regarding the new side effects information. In comparison, Bayer issued an Essure problems warning in Canada in conjunction with the Canadian national health service, and Essure has since been pulled from the Canadian market.

Essure lawyers believe that persons and the families of persons across the United States who have been harmed by Essure injuries may be eligible for significant compensation through filing Essure lawsuits against Bayer. This page provides full information about Essure side effects from national* Essure attorneys.

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Filing a lawsuit will allow you to hold the pharmaceutical company accountable for damage it has caused you or a loved one, while also providing real compensation for your medical expenses, suffering and loss. Contact us today for a free Essure lawsuit consultation.

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The national* Essure attorneys at OnderLaw, LLC, are experts in the realm of product liability litigation for defective medical devices and dangerous drugs. When American families have been harmed by the negligence or greed of a billion dollar pharmaceutical giant, we see it as our duty to pursue justice. In this case, inadequate premarket testing meant that Essure problems were only detected through the negative experiences of consumers; meanwhile, Essure was incredibly lucrative for the device maker. Our Essure lawyers believe persons who were harmed by Essure complications such as chronic pain, bleeding, perforation, allergic reaction, or another condition may be eligible for real compensation by filing a claim against Bayer HealthCare.

Our experienced Essure lawyers have seen the aftereffects of numerous medical device and drug recalls. Aware of the gravity of Essure lawsuits, this national* drug litigation law firm is offering its significant resources to provide clients with the best Essure lawyer representation possible. Our Essure attorneys will provide a free case review to women and family members of women who have been harmed by Essure. Never warned of the risk for Essure injuries, these individuals have suffered through no fault of their own. Our Essure lawyers aim to achieve compensation for loss and suffering, while holding Bayer accountable for its failure to properly warn consumers of the risks posed by the sterilization system.

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