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Truvada Kidney Problems

Use of Truvada Has Been Linked to Broken Bones and Kidney Problems

Truvada, a popular drug used in the treatment of HIV, causes serious and life threatening side effects including kidney failure, bone fractures, and osteoporosis. While the drug does offer benefits to patients who are HIV positive, many have suffered significantly as a result of taking this toxic and dangerous drug. Critics now say a safer alternative to Truvada could have prevented many Truvada injuries, yet drug company officials chose to delay its release to maximize profit./p>

Despite its serious side effects, Truvada was a hugely profitable drug for Gilead; at its height, Truvada sales yielded $11 billion annually. Critics say Gilead purposefully halted the development of TAF, the safer version of Truvada, to maximize profits while Truvada was still under patent protection. Then in 2014, when Truvada’s patent expiration was looming, the company released the safer version of the drug and obtained a new patent which extends until 2032. In the years when Gilead executives had paused TAF's production, millions of HIV positive patients suffered unnecessarily from kidney failure, bone density loss, and fractures. In 2016, Gilead faced a Truvada lawsuit for 'blocking affordable access to a lifesaving HIV drug' known as TAF. The pharmaceutical company was also warned on multiple occasions by the FDA for misrepresenting and downplaying Truvada kidney and bone side effects.

Persons and the family members of persons who developed kidney problems or experienced broken bones from Truvada may be entitled to real compensation for suffering, pain, and loss through filing a Truvada lawsuit against Gilead. All too often, we learn after the fact that a pharmaceutical giant prioritized company profits over consumer safety. Filing a Truvada lawsuit will serve to exert pressure on the company to become a better corporate citizen, in addition to seeking compensation American families deserve.

Truvada Side Effects

Diminished bone mineral density and kidney problems are anticipated side effects of HIV, but patients who take Truvada are particularly prone to osteoporosis and kidney failure.

Truvada HIV Treatment

Truvada, and other drugs containing tenofovir, are central to HAART treatment, which stands for highly active antiretroviral therapy and is at the core of treatment for people who are HIV positive. Tenofovir drugs are taken by more than 600,000 Americans and 9 million people globally. Truvada was approved by the FDA in 2001. Other nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) include Viread, Stribild, Atripla, Symfi Lo, AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Kaletra, AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Viracept, Complera, Cimduo, and Genvoya.

Truvada Osteoporosis

Humans rely on a complex system of more than 200 bones to provide structure and stability to protect vital organs and help us move. Throughout life, our bone cells die off and are regenerated. Osteoporosis occurs when degradation of the bone cells occurs more rapidly than regeneration, resulting in a net loss in bone mineral density. Patients suffering from osteoporosis are prone to fractures, particularly in the wrists, spine, and hips.

Osteoporosis is a normal side effect of aging, and is also more common among patients who are HIV positive. However, research shows that bone degeneration is markedly accelerated in patients taking Truvada. Truvada bone damage occurs rapidly;  on average, a person's overall bone mineral density drops by 2-6% in the first two years on Truvada. Developing Truvada osteoporosis is an ongoing risk for who is taking or has ever taken Truvada.

Truvada Kidney Failure

The kidneys serve as a filtration system for the body, processing substances such as pharmaceutical drugs in order to remove harmful waste from the body.

The kidneys are made of millions of nephrons, comprised of blood vessels and fluid-collecting tubes. Each day, the kidney's fluid-collecting tubes and blood vessels (nephrons) filter the body's entire blood supply 30 to 40 times, cycling through approximately 200 quarts of blood every day.

A particularly strong substance such as Truvada, which is effective at keeping the development of HIV at bay, taxes the kidneys significantly. The risk of kidney failure from Truvada increased by 33% each year a patient takes the drug. Studies indicate Truvada accumulates in the kidney tubules, causing harm to the nephrons and resulting in progressive Truvada kidney problems, ultimately resulting in full-blown kidney failure if not halted in time:

Let Our Truvada Lawyers Help You

When American families suffer as a result of corporate negligence and greed, our attorneys see it as their duty to pursue justice, no matter how complex the case. Through settlements and winning verdicts, our attorneys have obtained millions for our clients. Let us help you today. In this case, the drug maker knowingly delayed the production of a safer drug that could have prevented nearly a decade's worth of patients being exposed to Truvada kidney and bone side effects in order to maximize profits. At the same time, the company was repeatedly scolded by the FDA for engaging in false and unethical advertising practices. Our Truvada lawyers believe persons who were harmed by Truvada kidney failure or osteoporosis may be eligible for real compensation by filing a claim against Gilead.

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No Fees Unless We Collect for You - Our Truvada Attorneys Represent Clients on a Contingency Basis

We will represent all persons involved in a Truvada lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. Persons who developed osteoporosis, suffered from broken bones, or experienced kidney failure while taking Truvada, and then family members of such persons, qualify for a free, no-obligation case review from our Truvada attorneys. This site's chat feature or complete the online contact form and one of our Truvada kidney lawyers will contact you promptly to discuss your case.

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