Benicar Lawsuit FAQ

Benicar Lawsuit FAQ

Who is eligible to file a Benicar lawsuit?

Anyone who suffered from gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, and intestinal damage while taking Benicar may be eligible to file a Benicar lawsuit. Attorneys handling Benicar lawsuit claims believe these individuals may be entitled to compensation.

Does it cost anything for you to review my case?

We will always listen to your circumstances and give you our analysis of your case without any cost or further obligation.

How much does it cost to file a Benicar side effects lawsuit?

These attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless they win on your behalf. Contact the firm for a free, no-obligation Benicar lawsuit case review today.

Who is in danger of developing Benicar GI problems such as chronic diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, intestinal damage and weight loss?

Anyone taking Benicar can suffer these side effects; there is no clear pattern regarding who is more likely to develop sprue-like enteropathy, which is the term used by the FDA to describe this range of health problem stemming from Benicar.

Why did it take so long to discover the gastro-intestinal problems caused by Benicar?

Patients suffering from Benicar side effects are commonly misdiagnosed with Celiac disease, which is caused by an intolerance to gluten. The symptoms are identical, yet Celiac is resolved by an elimination diet. Benicar side effects resolve when Benicar is discontinued, according to adverse event reports made to the FDA.

How long as the drug company Sankyo known about Benicar side effects?

Benicar was first approved by the FDA in 2002. In 2012, research surfaced revealing the company had known about Benicar side effects for some time. However, consumers were not made aware of the risks associated with Benicar until 2013, when federal regulators at the FDA required Sankyo to add a diarrhea warning to the drug’s label. Based on FDA records, 1.9 million Americans were prescribed Benicar in 2012.

What does the FDA Benicar warning say?

In 2013, the FDA released a safety warning on Benicar, noting that a pattern of adverse event reports have been detected in the federal post-market reporting system known as FAERS. The cases included a series of people who suffered from symptoms similar to Celiac disease, including severe diarrhea that resulted in significant weight loss, yet which did not respond to treatments for Celiac’s disease. These side effects were caused by Benicar and were only alleviated by stopping the ingestion of Benicar.

Aren't most drug and products liability lawsuits just class action lawsuits where the plaintiff receives very little money?

The majority of our drug cases are handled as a MDL, or Multi-District Litigation, where each plaintiff receives a settlement based upon the individual injuries and damages incurred by each plaintiff.

We're not the type of people who sue; do we really need to file a lawsuit?

If a member of your family suffered a serious injury or health problem as a result of a defective product or dangerous drug, long-term, or even life-long, medical care may be required. This could be incredibly expensive and since medical costs are continually rising may be largely unknown at the time of settlement or trial. If a member of your family died due to a defective product or dangerous drug, no amount of money can undo that wrong. It is our fervent hope that every defective products, drug or other medication lawsuit we file can serve to make the manufacturer take note of the loss and pain its product has caused. When that fails to make a company take action in the form of a product recall, greater warnings about its use and ultimately making safer products, we rely on their profit motivation to make them do the right thing. Unfortunately, in all too many cases it is only the fear of lawsuits and large settlements and verdicts that makes a company become a better corporate citizen.

What is the time frame for filing a Benicar diarrhea lawsuit?

While Benicar lawsuits are time sensitive, people who developed health problems from taking Benicar will still be able to file a Benicar lawsuit now. To ask an attorney handling Benicar claims about relevant time limits for your case, contact our firm.

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Benicar Side Effects Lawsuits

Benicar Side Effects Lawsuits

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