Who Qualifies for a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit

Who Qualifies for a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit?

Understand Who is Eligible for a Taxotere Lawsuit after Permanent Hair Loss

Over the past two decades, thousands upon thousands of patients have been treated with Taxotere. Commonly used in breast cancer treatment, Taxotere chemotherapy has also been prescribed for a number of other uses. Anyone who was exposed to Taxotere and has suffered ongoing or permanent hair loss may qualify to file a Taxotere lawsuit against Sanofi.

The details of each Taxotere hair loss claim are unique, depending on the particular circumstances of each claimant. To better understand your legal options, you are entitled to a free, no-obligation Taxotere lawsuit case review with one of our experienced lawyers. Some of the factors our Taxotere attorneys will consider in reviewing your case include:

Taxotere Exposure

Whether Taxotere was prescribed for breast cancer treatment or to combat another condition, anyone who underwent Taxotere chemotherapy may qualify to file a Taxotere lawsuit. The duration and dosage of treatment may be relevant pieces of information as a case progresses. However, any exposure to Taxotere could result in permanent hair loss. If you are not sure which drugs were used in your cancer treatment or the treatment of a loved one, contact the prescribing physician. Taxotere is one of the only drugs known to result in permanent hair loss.

Taxotere Hair Loss

The term "permanent hair loss" is frequently used in reference to Taxotere, but the truth is that patients have a wide range of Taxotere hair loss experiences. Hair loss is a well-known and widely anticipated side effect of chemotherapy. However, patients are led to believe that hair loss will be temporary, and that their normal hair growth patterns will return following treatment. Taxotere is different; exposure to the drug can result in long-term or even lifelong changes to hair growth. For example, some patients exposed to Taxotere report a complete absence of hair growth, while others report patchy or clumpy hair growth for years following Taxotere chemotherapy. Permanent hair loss is defined as changes to one's typical hair growth patterns during the decade following treatment. No matter the degree of hair loss, patients may qualify to file Taxotere hair loss lawsuits if their normal hair patterns did not return following treatment.

In 2008, a scientific paper was published on the topic of hair loss from cancer treatment. The authors, Lemieux et al, reviewed 38 articles on hair loss during breast cancer treatment, concluding that hair loss is frequently listed among the most distressing side effects patients face: "Hair loss consistently ranked among the most troublesome side effects, was described as distressing, and may affect body image." Patients describe permanent hair loss as particularly distressing because it makes them feel like a lifelong cancer patient, long after treatment may have concluded.

Had patients been warned of the possibility for Taxotere hair loss to be permanent, they would have had the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether to use Taxotere or an alternate treatment. Instead, thousands upon thousands of patients were given Taxotere treatment with no knowledge of the danger of permanent Taxotere hair loss.

Taxotere Lawsuit Time Limits

Many states have time limits for filing a Taxotere hair lawsuit. However, in most cases if the claimant contacts a Taxotere attorney in the near future, they will be within the time limits for filing a Taxotere lawsuit against Sanofi. Contact our Taxotere lawyers today for a free, no-obligation Taxotere lawsuit case review to learn if you may qualify to file a hair loss claim.

National* Taxotere Attorneys

The Onder Law Firm has distinguished itself as a respected national* leader in the realm of products liability and pharmaceutical litigation. We will work tirelessly to ensure each of our clients has trustworthy and excellent legal representation. Contact our attorneys to ensure you have an experienced advocate fighting on behalf of your family.

It is our goal to assist families as they select legal representation, whether you choose to work with our Taxotere lawyers or not. From offering free, no-obligation case reviews to providing contingency representation, we never charge a fee unless we win for you. Choosing an attorney is a significant decision and it is our goal to support you with information and expertise as you make your decision. Contact our firm today to speak with an experienced Taxotere hair loss lawyer.

To speak with an attorney handling Taxotere permanent hair loss lawsuits, contact our firm today.

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